Ubuntu 10.04

Mark Greaves installed Ubuntu LTS for me a few years ago - Hi Mark hope you are well.
Ive not used it for a while but have now that I do have found its out of date and very limited in it`s scope
Can I upgrade and if so how?

If you have 10.04 you may need to do a new install.

…But you could try upgrading to the next LTS (12.04) -it might work. How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 from Ubuntu 10.04 via the Internet | Liberian Geek

Thanks but liberian doesn`t work. So how do igo about getting an upgrade?

Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and run:

sudo do-release-upgrade

does it offer an upgrade ?



I doubt if you have any other option than a reinstall then … you left it too long and 10.04 is totally unsupported now.

OK - so what do you suggest I install - and how do I go about it?

Can you remember how you installed Ubuntu ?

Is Ubuntu the ONLY OS on this machine ?

Do you know if this PC can boot from a USB stick ? … or only a CD/DVD ?

How about Peppermint 7 or Ubuntu 16.04 or Linux Mint 18 ?
(disclosure - I’m on the Peppermint team, so read into that what you will)