Ubuntu 10.10. Oh well, that's it then!

Just received the message that Ubuntu 10.10 is not going to be supported anymore. Shame, I like the layout. :frowning:

Will probably install Peppermint like I have on my Netbook. Problem is I am starting an online business shortly and wonder how Peppermint will react with online servers etc.

I know you are going to say…Won’t make any difference!
Well it might.
Tethered devices to one of my smartphones only works with Ubuntu 10.04 +
Also the hosting company was told that I am using Ubuntu 10.10.

I am sure that if I get any problems there will be somebody here to help:)

I know you are going to say.....Won't make any difference!

I wouldn’t dream of saying that … though with “online” services I’d doubt if there will be any major problems, it really depends on what the services are ? … at this point there are no guarantees … but there is help :wink:

I’d suggest you wait for Peppermint 3, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, and Linux Mint 13 before evaluating any of them … as support for 11.04 (and therefore Peppermint 2) won’t last much longer either.

I plan to upgrade to Peppermint 3 on my lappy, Ubuntu 12.04 on my brothers lappy and Ubuntu 12.04 Server for the NAS.

It seems Natty is already “old” and near the end of it’s life cycle which is a real shame, because IMO that was a great distro that had a few faults. Ok, many faults, but if Natty is old, than that means Karmic is ancient and Feisty, Dapper & Edgy is literally non-existent.

Thanks Gentlemen.
Thinking of Peppermint so I will wait for version 3. I have taken to it on my little netbook (version 2) so I think that could be the direction.

Well you only have another 2 weeks to wait until 12.04 is released. So I’d just hold out until then. :slight_smile: