Ubuntu 11.10 and the nautilus-gksu extension

You may have read in one of my previous postings about Ubuntu 11.10, that nautilus-gksu (Open as administrator) seems to be broken in Oneiric, even when it displays in Synaptic as installed.

It seems that nobody has got around to rebuilding the nautilus-gksu extension for Nautilus 3.x

The good news is that it does get installed to /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-2.0/libnautilus-gksu.so

But Nautilus 3 ignores it, so you need to copy it to /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-3.0 directory …

First make sure nautilus-gksu is installed:

sudo apt-get install nautilus-gksu

Then copy the libnautilus-gksu.so file to /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-3.0 :

sudo cp -v /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-2.0/libnautilus-gksu.so /usr/lib/nautilus/extensions-3.0/libnautilus-gksu.so

Now restart Nautilus:

nautilus -q

Or log off and on again.

You should now have an option to “Open as administrator” in the Nautilus right-click menu :slight_smile:

This is an “at your own risk” workaround, but I’ve been using it for a while now and haven’t seen any issues.

I’ve now sorted nearly all the gripes I had with 11.10 :slight_smile:

Good find. :smiley: