Ubuntu 20.04 LTs

Hello everyone. I want to install Ubuntu 20.04 on my windows 10 laptop. I have downloaded the programme and unzipped it with WinZip. My problems is that when I click on install W10 asks me which app I want to use to open it, such as “internet Explore/Notepad/Paint” etc. and at this point I am stuck. Can anyone help please as to what I should do next? many thanks.

Hello Colin - and welcome to the Forum.

I guess you have downloaded the ISO file to your Downloads folder. The next step is to create a “Live USB” of Ubuntu. This will allow you to try it out first on your PC without installing it then, if you are happy, actually installing it either alongside Windows or in place of it.

The process is:
Download and install UNetbootin for Windows. Try https://unetbootin.github.io/
Insert a clean USB stick.
Run UNetbootin.
UNetbootin will offer you a choice of Linux distributions but I expect Ubuntu 20 is too new to be available yet, so…
Click on “Diskimage” and select your ISO file by clicking on the “…” button and navigating to it.
(At this point you can reserve some reboot space if you wish - a few MB should be OK)
Click “OK”.

Your ISO file will now be expanded onto the USB - it will take a while. You may be asked to remove the USB device when it finishes.

Now reboot the PC with the USB plugged in, but interrupt it to check/alter the BIOS to boot first from a USB device, save the BIOS changes and let the boot continue.
At the window that opens, you will be offered a choice of actions. I suggest that you choose “Try Ubuntu without installing” just to be sure.
If you are happy with Ubuntu 20 then reboot and choose “Install Ubuntu alongside Windows” (assuming you want to keep Windows).
The installation can take about 1/2hr and you will have to enter some information such as name, etc.


Firstly, you need to create the installation disk or usb from the .iso file you downloaded. If you are going to use a dvd, then Windows has the resources to do that. If you are going to use a usb, then upi need to install Rufus and follow these instructions

Then you can boot up from the medium and try Ubuntu before committing yourself to installing. If you decide to go ahead, you need free up some space on the hard drive using Windows, and then run the installer. This page gives you a good idea: