Ubuntu crowdfunding secures $10m+ pledges for Edge phone

Unbelievable, an article about Ubuntu (albeit a phone) and not one mention of Linux but they still mention MS Windows.

Reading that though makes me think it’s trying to be a Phesktop in the same way LG(?) made the Phablet which didn’t seem to catch on.

I currently have little faith in Canonical … pity because I kinda like the “idea”.

I’d certainly like to see a good Linux smartphone (and tablet) alongside the deluge of Android ones, and all the better if it’ll double as a PC. I just don’t trust Canonical to do it … so I’ll wait and see rather than chuck my money out there and hope for the best.

I think recent decisions by Canonical/Ubuntu have made a lot of people wary of them … if they’d have done this 3 years ago I think they’d have been in a stronger position, but trust has slipped somewhat since then.

The Guardian?

You’d get more truth from used toilet paper.

The Establishment own and control the media and their media is not going to start talking about an OS that deprives their armies of cops and security freaks the ability to watch you, listen to you and observe all your computering habits.

Just as their media is not going to talk about participatory democracies coming into being in the West, or America and Israel being held to the same standard of law everyone else is, or Corporate tax evasion being dealt with meaningfully. The Establishment is empowered and enriched by such behaviour and they aren’t going to give them up easily.

You live in a cage. There are pictures of open spaces pasted to the inside of it, but a cage it is nonetheless. The gate keeper is not going to help people find the door and pick the lock.

Shame about the Edge - looks like he’ll have to give the money back.