Ubuntu package depndency map - Pretty Pics

There’s a high resolution desktop wallpaper here:

Another with an Ubuntu logo added:
and with a space background:

Various versions in one place:

And a 16MB XCF that you can edit in the GIMP yourself :

(Click image for 2560x1440)


Can’t get on these at work - please can you post a low-res embedded copy in a post, just so I can have a look?

You’ve lost me … what are you asking me to do exactly ? … can’t you see the pic above ?

Nope, the web filter at work blocks the link :frowning:
Did you embed it in the original post? Sometimes the web filter is aggressive enough to filter out embedded images too, in which case I’m screwed :frowning:
I’ll just try to have a look at lunch on my phone, don’t know why I didn’t think of that in the first place :-[

Your work webfilter blocks images … damn that’s strict :o

OK, how about this:-

Subtler Peppermint edit

(Click image for 2560x1440)


(could probably do with loosing the KDE and Mono tags)

And without text

(Click image for 2560x1440)


Only got the text on the last message, but the previous post had an attachment I could open (go figure)

Pretty picture, way better than the default Ubuntu wallpaper!

Ok, mobile Chrome faired better :slight_smile:

Are there any with MORE text on them? Sounds weird, but I find them quite fascinating!
How were they generated? Or are they just pretty but fictional?

I gather the map was generated with a scrript and autoplot … plotting the dependencies of all packages in the repo’s

See here for info:

(including showing some more detail in the generated dependency map)

There’s an XCF (GIMP image) linked in my first posting that has all the separate layers … so you can add/remove whatever you like.