Ubuntu + PCs sharing the same wireless network

Hi everyone,

I know nothing about Linux but I am planning to install Ubuntu to give it a go. I’m currently using Windows XP and sharing a wireless network with other people who are also using either XP or Vista. After I install Ubuntu would it be possible for me to use the same wireless network without any implications to the other users?

Thanks in advance,

If you mean “sharing the internet connection” (from a router)… NO problem at all, if you mean "can I share files between the Windoze and Linux PC again NO problem, but it will take a small amount of setting up :slight_smile:

A Linux PC will NOT interfere with your Windows wireless or wired network at all… sharing files and printers between Linux and Windows is also possible.

Your only real issue will be whether the wireless device in your PC is supported by Linux … probably worth checking out if you know what make / model wireless card you have … (it will ‘probably’ be supported , but there is some pretty exotic hardware knocking around and you just might be unlucky)