Ubuntu to drop X and move to their own Mir (not Wayland) display server.

Canonical/Ubuntu have announced that they are not going to move to Wayland, but rather they are doing their own display server “Mir” … Mir is to span ALL Ubuntu platforms, mobile, desktop, TV, etc.

See here:

and here:


We are developing a next generation display server known as Mir. A system-level component targeted as a replacement for the X window server system to unlock next-generation user experiences for devices ranging from Linux desktop to mobile devices powered by Ubuntu. This document outlines the motivation for the project, describes the high level design, summarizes the scope, and provides the roadmap of the Mir display server.

The purpose of Mir is to enable the development of the next generation Unity.

Seems to me they’re going to have problems with graphics card manufacturers and proprietary drivers … I get the feeling that Canonical/Ubuntu are no longer really interested in the desktop PC … that whole page (first link above) seems to keep referencing “mobile” use scenarios without really explaining how they intend to make it work on desktop systems.

Their “Desktop PC” strategy for Mir seems to be … we’re doing it anyway, lets just cross our fingers the graphics card manufacturers can be coaxed into coming onboard later … seems to me you can only afford this kind of attitude if “Desktop” is no longer an important consideration.

If there were to be no proprietary graphics drivers, it will be interesting to hear Valve/Steam’s take on this … after them having just released their client for Ubuntu … are they going to be thinking “Oh for f**k sake” ? :wink:

On the other hand, maybe Mir will become the next Linux display server of choice … who knows.

On the other hand, maybe Mir will become the next Linux display server of choice .. who knows.
I would not bet on that. It appears that Canonical tried to bend Wayland to suit teir own goals, but the devs did not jump on the chance of becoming Ubuntu only. So when that failed they dumped Wayland, just at the time when it started to become mainstream.

Others are sceptic about this one distro crusade read more here.