Ubuntu WDS connect with Mikrotik

I have Mikrotik router, and I would like to setup ubuntu wireless with WDS so I can expand my wifi network.
I have atheros wifi card in mikrotik and atheros wifi card for ubuntu. Both of them are working properly in standard AP/client setup, but I am not sure how to setup this combination to work in WDS.
Can someone help please?

I think this may help you:


Hi Smarky, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Not being rude, but wouldn’t this be best asked on the MikroTik forum:

Or maybe see this topic on their forum:

Thank you both for help.
I have tried to check on mikrotik site, but they somehow relate to connect mikrotik with their devices. As I have understood WDS depends on implementation of drivers and HW capabilities. I was trying to use same (or near same) HW (Atheros) on both sides, but I was unsuccessful to configure all to work properly.

It looks to me that mikrotik has made some different version of WDS than it is in regular linux driver (even openwrt), so they can not connect properly (they do connect, but no IP traffic is done).

I will analyse debianadmin site, it looks promissing, thank you…