udating firefox + flashplayer

hello i bought my son an acer aspire one zg5 for christmas 2 years ago and he carnt go on youtube or play games online because it comes up saying that his firefox is out of date and also that his flashplayer needs updating. ive tried the tutorials on here and carnt really make heads or tails of them! i know exactly what im doing using a windows pc but with linux im completely lost!

OK, lets start with updating firefox to version 7

See this forum topic:

And post in that topic exactly how far you’ve got, or what you don’t understand … and I’ll help you through it :slight_smile:

ok gonna try this mate give me 20mins or so cheers

mark ur the man ive done firefox.now could you please help with the flashplayer please?

Follow the instructions in this posting:

again … let me know if you have any problems :slight_smile:

ok dude will do thanks

mark everything seems to play fine now i didnt need to do the flash player thanks so so much mate,my son is made up now :wink:

You’re welcome … if you ever get any messages that flash needs updating … you know where to go now :wink:

Personally I’d update it anyway, but up to you :slight_smile:

ok i will try 2mora again thanks pal ;D

You can also try the add-on Flash-Aid: https://addons.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/addon/flash-aid/.

This will help you removing conflicting Flash players and installing the correct flash player.

Is Flash-Aid tested as working in Linpus Lite on an Acer Aspire One?

I’ve purposefully put instructions for installing Firefox 7.0.1 and Flashplayer in Linpus Lite, as the AA1 seems to be very sensitive to Firefox and Flash versions under Linpus Lite.