Has anyone managed to access UKTV Play using Linux? Their website says that under Linux only Google Chrome will work, but when I tried it I was repeatedly told to turn off my add-blocker. Obviously, a newly installed browser doesn’t have an add-blocker, so I tried relaxing the privacy to enable tracking, but that didn’t help. I thought of running a Windows browser with Wine, but they are all rated “garbage” by Winehq. The tool youtube-dl lists UKTV as supported but omits to tell you how to use it.

I don’t have a TV Dave. What is your distro?

These links may help you:

Thanks, but the second link is to one of my own posts and the tip in the second doesn’t apply — I already have hal installed. As I said at Linux Questions, I can live without this stuff.

Sorry David, so much going on lately so not that with it.