unable to install any version of linux on toshiba nb250-107

hi i own a toshiba netbook nb250-107 and have found my self unable to install any dist of linux or win all i can instal on it are dist of win 7 witch i do not like … how can i solve this problem because when i try to boot any other dist beside win7 i get that little line in the upper left corner of my black color screen and it stays like that 4 ever and does not ask me if i want to boot from the device (usb) or not… is there anything that can be done ??? thanx.

Hi back02, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

How are you trying to install Linux ? … from a LliveUSB stick ?

Which Linux distribution are you trying to install ?

Which application did you use to create the LiveUSB stick ?

my only option is from a live usb
the images are mounted on the usb with poweriso and it is the same that i used to reinstall my win 7 ,
dist of linux tried : meego-netbook-ia32-1.20 and several others that i do not remember right now

I don’t think just using PowerISO to copy the contents of the ISO image to a USB stick is going to work, as it won’t be installing the bootloader, or making some necessary modifications to the LiveCD ISO for use with a USB stick … from a Windows PC, try using Universal USB Installer … from Pendrivelinux:

to create the LiveUSB from the ISO image (or one of the other LiveUSB creation utilities linked to from the PeppermintOS tutorial below)

There is a tutorial for installing PeppermintOS Two on an Acer Aspire One netbook here:
which includes instructions on how to create a LiveUSB.

Obviously don’t do the stuff that’s Aspire One specific … but the instructions should work equally well on your Toshiba :slight_smile:

BTW, I’d recommend PeppermintOS Two as an ideal Linux distro for a netbook … though you do have to tweak it a bit after installation … it’s all in the tutorial linked above.

Any problems, just ask :slight_smile: