Understanding rsync output

I’m first timer with rsync… I had to use it to transfer big chunk of data (~1tb). Here is the command I use; rsync -vacHS --progress /mydisk1/ /mydisk2/
The purpose is to transfer the whole content from one (smaller) partition to another (larger) which is on different drive mounted on different mount point.
However, the output of rsync is the following; /PathToMyFile/ 0:00:00 or 0:00:01 for most of the files (xfr#serial numbers, ir-chk= some number / some number, /let’s say 1000/20000

Are these 1000/20000 the total number of files that rsync has transfered out of the whole content?

Hello Scotrod - and welcome to the Forum.

I’ve not used all the options that you have used but this link: Made --progress use ir-chk instead of to-chk when the incremental · AndyA/rsync@8d10cbf · GitHub might help you. Specifically it says:
The output of the –progress option has changed: the string “xfer” was
shortened to “xfr”, and the string “to-check” was shortened to “to-chk”,
both designed to make room for the (by default) wider display of file
size numbers without making the total line-length longer. Also, when
incremental recursion is enabled, the string “ir-chk” will be used
instead of “to-chk” up until the incremental-recursion scan is done,
letting you know that the value to check and the total value will still
be increasing as new files are found.

…although I’m not sure that it helps me.

I’ve always used just the -a (archive) option that preserves all metadata, and I’ve not had any problems.
Does the instruction complete? And have you checked that all the files have transferred? If so, then I guess you have nothing to worry about.