Ungrouping programs

Is there a way to un-group programs in Gnome Classic as I’m searching and I cant find anything helpful, only this;

And as far as I can tell, its for Unity as Compiz doesn’t work for me in Gnome Classic.
Also, exactly how GOOD is Compiz as my first impressions with it is, it’s crap. Maybe I’m wrong and need help in sorting it out and installing/setting it up properly. Then MAYBE I switch to Unity.

Compiz is great if you like UI tweaks and silly graphic gimmicks … but obviously only if your hardware is up to it.

It may be just me, but I didn’t see Compiz mentioned anywhere at your link ???

Think you’re right there, it didn’t mention Compiz but the shortcuts don’t work in Gnome and I saw in another page, the same shortcuts mentioning Compiz.

OK can you define what you mean by “grouped programs” … grouped where ? … in alt+tab ?

On the bottom of the screen (in Gnome Classic).

I didn’t even realise they grouped without compiz ?

does Super+U ungroup them ?

No, tried it and nothing happened…

Dunno how much I can help with this as I no longer use Gnome … and to tel the truth I’m still a bit baffled by what you mean by “grouping”

What is it that “groups” on your bottom panel ? … I don’t remember anything grouping ???
(not that I trust my memory :wink: )

Took a screenshot to help you

‘CTRL’+‘TAB’ cycles through the windows, say I have 5 browsers open, it will cycle through them each time ‘TAB’ is pressed when ‘CTRL’ is held down.
But I don’t know how to ungroup them, see previous screenshot.