Uninstall Ubuntu no disk problem

Hi All

I am new to this and a dumb blonde when it comes to computers so bare with me!

I installed Ubuntu 10.4 approx 1 yr ago (installed within windows but not WUBI and not seperarate partition) it was running side by side with windows quite happily (which I acquired, if you know what I mean) it was only a beta version so has now expired. I, now wish to ditch windows altogether as I am very happy with Ubuntu but, I do not have a windows disk. I also think there is a problem with my pc as it will no longer burn cd/dvd and there are 4 x bad sectors on the disk!!! I do still have a disk with 10.4 version on but, the computer will not boot from the disk?

I just start again with a clean slate! I have been searching the net and tried almost everything posted for the past 3 days now!!! I cannot get an option to restore to factory settings, on my pc (Acer Aspire 1650) only to reboot from windows disk (which I do not have) which, is what I am trying to get rid of!!! I just want Ubuntu nothing else!!!

Please, help a damsel in distress!!! Debs

Do you know if the Acer Aspire 1650 can boot from USB stick ?

AFAIK most, if not all Acer Aspires are told to boot from USB stick 3rd in the BIOS. She’ll have to press F12, and reorder the USB stick so that it boots up first, then the disc drive and then the HDD. ::slight_smile: