Unresponsive Scripts and stalling laptop

My laptop keeps stalling and saying unresponsive script, what does this mean? I need more RAM? I know my RAM is low from asking on here ages ago, but I cannot afford to get more RAM at the moment.

When are you seeing this ?

and does it say which script ?

The laptop will stall and then the box comes up- I cannot predict it, just happens and it is not any particular website- the box just says the script is unresponsive.

I take it this only happens in your browser?
If this is Firefox then take a look at this page on Mozilla Support.

Yes, it is only when I am online. It has only recently been happening- what is the cause of it? I have seen that article but it doesn’t really explain why it is happening.Is it a RAM problem with my laptop or a Firefox issue?

“why” it’s happening is a script from the website is failing to run, or firefox is reaching its timeout before the script ran.

Could be a problem wit the websites script, a firefox issue, a plugin issue, or caused by Firefox running slowly because your system is short of RAM and using the swap partition … or any combination of those.

Firefox has just been updated to version 32 (few days ago) … but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a problem with Firefox 32, it could be the websites script isn’t compatible, a plugin incompatibility, or that Firefox 32 is slightly heavier on system resources so using swap slightly more due to the lack of RAM.

I get that all the time on Amazon using IE8 on Windows XP, and my work machine has 3Gb of RAM.
I think it’s a browser & webpage combination rather than anything you’ve done specifically. Most of the time when I get that message, if I stop the script, it doesn’t seem to affect functionality

Thanks guys, I do suspect it is a RAM problem as I know I need more RAM. Often when the script stops I have to reboot.