update damaged Internet connection?

Could the last Update 2 days ago (FF + 30mb more) have damaged Internet connectivity? I now can’t connect at all with FF, and can barely connect w Opera, using 2 Wifi’s and mobile Internet. Also could not copy and paste some movies, after it worked alright at first. Yet everything is OK on Windows XP.

I have no idea as you don’t say what the updates were (but yeh, possibly) … you also don’t mention which distro/version you’re running ?

This could be being caused by a LOT of things … browser(s), plugins, wireless drivers, network settings, kernel, etc. … so we need to start ruling things out.

What do you mean by “2 wifi’s” … at the same time ?

What happens of you start firefox in safe mode, and select disable all addons …

Make sure ALL instances of firefox are closed, then open a terminal and run:

firefox --safe-mode

When a dialog box appears, tick “Disable all addons” … click “Continue in safe mode”.

Does it work properly with the addons/plugins disabled?

If not, and because you’re having problems with other browsers too, what’s the output from:





iwlist scanning

Can you try connecting to your router with an ethernet cable … does it work better with the cable ?

If a new kernel was included in the updates … have you tried booting to the older kernel ?