Updating flashplayer on Acer Aspire One running Linpus Lite

Having now successfully installed Firefox 4.0.1 with much help from Mark Greaves on this forum, is there an easy fix for updating the flashplayer?

According to Adobe website latest verion available for Linux is The version shown on my AA1 is

Would be very grateful for any guidance. Thanks.

Go here:
and in the drop down menu, select .tar.gz for other Linux, and click the “Download” button.

From this point onwards, I’m going to assume it downloaded to your “Downloads” directory.

Open a terminal, and enter:

cd ~/Downloads

Create a ~/.mozilla/plugins directory:

mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins

(don’t worry if it says it already exists… just move on to the next command)

Then extract the libflashplayer.so file from the archiive to the ~/.mozilla/plugins directory:

tar -zxvf install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz --directory ~/.mozilla/plugins libflashplayer.so

Close ALL open Firefox instances, and restart Firefox… now in FF go to Tools > Addons > Plugins and check it says:
Shockwave Flash 10.3r181

If there are 2 “Shockwave Flash” plugins listed in Firefox… just disable the older one, and restart Firefox.

You’re done :wink:


None of the above commands contain the “sudo” that was giving you problems, so you will be fine running them from an $ prompt.
Just copy/paste the above commands.

Many thanks again Mark - that worked like a dream :slight_smile:
now got Flash 10.3r181 in FF4 add-ons

the latest flashplayer is 183.7 (install_flash_player_10_linux.tar.gz). Are isntructions on that all the same?

Yup they should do… but if you follow the instructions here:

you’ll end up with … I updated the version in my dropbox a couple of days ago :wink:

All you are aiming to do is extract the new libflashplayer.so and put it in ~/.mozilla/plugins overwriting the one already there.

Then restart Firefox.