Upgrades ...

Hi Folks,

For various technical reasons we need to perform an upgrade on the Forum software.
Unfortunately this will be a fairly major upgrade which will not be compatible with the theme currently employed by the site.
So, please be aware;

  • We will be upgrading the site in the coming week and during the upgrade, posting will be disabled. We envisage the upgrade and follow-up to take an hour or so, but expect some aspects of the site to be tweaked during the following days / weeks.
    • The current theme will be scrapped, so the “look” of the site will change fairly dramatically, although the functionality and capabilities of the site (and the associated historical postings) should all remain intact.
    • We are hoping to be able to install multiple themes (including light/dark options) and to allow users to choose their own look from a pool of options.
    • In general the upgraded site should have a more modern look / feel to it
      There will be a posting here when the upgrade starts, and another when it’s complete :slight_smile:

Ok, going into maintenance mode now …

Ok, all done (gulp!) … so … if anyone sees any problems, do let me know … ???
(he says running for cover …)

Mad (or do you prefer Mr Penguin?),

Well done, and I’ll confirm basic functionality is OK (assuming this you see this post ;))

It looks nice and clean, but we’ve lost, last update times from the menu pages. Have you seen a page of recent posts? I do see coloured icons which seems to imply something, but I’m not sure those are unread posts.

…either way, Thanks for continuing to support the forum.

Ok, so any of those, or MP or Gareth or G … depending on how many keystrokes you like … :wink:

Excellent! :slight_smile:

So on the menu down the left, if you hit the bottom icon (plus in a circle), is this what you were looking for for posts?
For recent posts, the star gives you unread since last visit, and the bullhorn shows new replies to your posts … does that work for you?

(the previous mechanism’s for viewing unread involved 3rd party mods that don’t work with this version)


ah… that’s better - thank you.