Upgrading Duel boot system. (Closed)

I have Mint 13 64bit and XP Home 32bit running on my desktop system on different hard drives.

I am replacing the XP with Win 7 Home premium 64bit.

How do I restore the Grub menu after installing Win 7? I have a Grub rescue disk if this is of any use.

Also a Mint 13 Live USB.

Thanks for your advice.

Hi Tramlink

I don’t think you’ll need the rescue disc, assuming you have grub installed on the Linux partition it should only be a matter of running

sudo update-grub

after you install Win 7 reboot and the new installation of Win 7 should show up in the grub menu

Good luck


You’d have 2 options

a) reinstall grub to the maste3r boot record from your LiveCD/LiveUSB

b) use EasyBCD (in Windows) to use the Windows bootloader to boot Linux.

For “a” you’d need to install Win7 … then once done, boot to the Mint LiveCD and post the output from:

sudo fdisk -l

As Win7 is also likely to change the partitioning scheme.

Win 7 will be installed as a replacement of XP and is on a separate hard disk. mint is installed on a separate hard disk dose this make any difference?


a) remove (disconnect) the mint drive.

b) Install Win7

c) reconnect the Mint drive, and makae sure it’s set as the primary boot device in the BIOS.

d) Boot into Mint (Win7 won’t be available yet).

e) run “sudo update-grub” … hopefully that will find Win7 and add it to the GRUB menu … if not, we’ll fix that manually.

Worked like a dream.


:slight_smile: No problem :slight_smile: