USB Boot

I am trying to boot a Linx 8 from a USB pendrive. I can do this but can get no further because the touch screen does not work. Is there any way round this?

Hi Muhuf - and welcome to the Forum.

I doubt that you will receive many replies as you have not provided any information about your system on which you are using your pen drive.
Please read the pages for new members on the home page; in particular A guide for submitting posts and implementing instructions. This will help you to solve your problem.


Hi Muhuf,

As Keith said, at first glance I just thought you’d spelt Linux incorrectly … :slight_smile: … Assuming you mean the Linx8 tablet, I suspect you should be able to pair it with a bluetooth keyboard, or alternatively a standard USB keyboard if you can find a USB-C → USB adapter / cable.

Be interested in your aims here, looks like it only comes with 1G ram, so I doubt it’s going to run anything useful in terms of a desktop … I suppose you might get XFCE up but I’d be relatively confident it’s not going to run Firefox or Chrome, certainly not in any meaningful way ??

(If you’re looking for an ultra-cheap touchscreen Linux device with a usable amount of memory, you might be better off with a Raspberry Pi4 (which goes up to 8GB) and the official RP touchscreen (which I think is 12 quid))