useradd,groupadd, su commands are running slow in RHEL


I have installed RHEL 5.4 on my laptop.

When am trying for user management commands like groupadd,useradd, switch user su , it is taking considerable time ( 4/5 mins ).

Remaining commands are working properly .

I have to install Oracle 10G on RHEL.

Has anybody faced this issue ? Anything pending from my side during installation ?

Help is highly appreciated.

Whilst I’m no RHEL aficionado, is your /etc/gshadow file massive/corrupt ? … I’m reading a lot of stuff online that suggests usermod may be corrupting /etc/gshadow

Thanx for the reply…I have just installed RHEL on vmware ( 1 day back )…so there is very rare possibility that gshadow would b corrupted…am planning to install oracle on RHEL. I never faced this issue before…still not able to find the root cause …