Ushare and XboX

I would like to know if it’s just me or what!
I have all my music/audiobook and video files networked to my XboX using Ushare and wanted to know if anyone else is having the same problem as me…
When browsing through the music library and selecting, e.g. ‘Albums’ it shows ALL music and not in album view.
Is it just me, what am I doing or NOT DOING to get them to show in the correct way.
All my music has metadata, as Mark well knows as he recommended some programs to fix my music metadata, so thats that one fixed.
I have been on the XboX forum and asked if anyone could help me but they’re pointing the finger at Ushare (it’s ALWAYS some other program)
Anyone got any ideas?

They’re kinda right, what’s the contents of your ushare.conf file ?

Has it ever worked the way you expect ?

I don’t think Ushare (or anything else for that matter) is supposed to be (or can be) 100% compatible with Microsofts non standards based protocol.

I’ll check tomorrow and let you know but the fact that it’s a micro soft product tells you everything you need to know.
Personally I stream to my TV’s and mobile devices.

[spoiler]# /etc/ushare.conf

Edit this file with ‘dpkg-reconfigure ushare’

Configuration file for uShare

uShare UPnP Friendly Name (default is ‘uShare’).


Interface to listen to (default is eth0).



Port to listen to (default is random from IANA Dynamic Ports range)

Ex : USHARE_PORT=49200


Port to listen for Telnet connections



Directories to be shared (space or CSV list).

Ex: USHARE_DIR=/dir1,/dir2


Use to override what happens when iconv fails to parse a file name.

The default uShare behaviour is to not add the entry in the media list

This option overrides that behaviour and adds the non-iconv’ed string into

the media list, with the assumption that the renderer will be able to

handle it. Devices like Noxon 2 have no problem with strings being passed

as is. (Umlauts for all!)

Options are TRUE/YES/1 for override and anything else for default behaviour


Enable Web interface (yes/no)


Enable Telnet control interface (yes/no)


Use XboX 360 compatibility mode (yes/no)


Use DLNA profile (yes/no)

This is needed for PlayStation3 to work (among other devices)


Has it ever worked the way you expect ?

But for the videos, nope

Here’s the thing … unless Microsoft start using industry standards nobody else is going to create software that is 100% compatible.

They don’t release the code so people can see how it works, so without decompiling their software (illegal, and from what I gather inaccurate) and attempting to work it out, then creating something that doesn’t duplicate any of their code (which you’d not be 100% sure of), or breach any software patents, it would be a massive task that in the end may put you at risk of being sued out of existence.

So nobody can be bothered … it works “well enough”.

For 100% compatibility with anything Microsoft, there is only one route open to you … pay Microsoft … that’s the way Microsoft like it.

And theres NO chance of that, more chance of the 2012 Mayan prophecy (Well, miss-read alleged prophecy)coming true! lol