Using a bnc to vga convertor on peppermint 2

Hello All
Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section.
Due to some low life breaking into my garage i decided it was time to install a cctv camera, which records on to a micro sd card, this can be removed and played on my Acer aspire one, running peppermint 2.
I then purchased a bnc to vga convertor to see what the camera is aiming it. Having plugged all the leads in etc i expected the home screen to automatically switch to a monitor. It didnt do this, i think because of something i have not done regarding settings on the netbook.
Any ideas and tips gratefully received.

Can you explain what you have plugged into what ?

I’m imagining the camera plugged into the VGA port on the netbook (?) … but that’s VGA OUT and not designed for “receiving” VGA INPUT.

Hello mark
Thank you for the reply
I have a cctv camera, with standard bnc cable connected to the bnc to vga converter. The vga cable is connected to the vga port on the netbook which plugs into the vga out port on the converter.
I was hoping to convert the aspire one to a monitor, just so i can see exactly where the camera is aiming. Just tried it on an old dell xl laptop with the same results, nothing.
I was hoping the netbook would switch automatically. I guess there is not a way to do this?

That VGA port on a Laptop/Netbook is VGA “OUT” … in other words, it is meant to send a video signal OUT to a monitor or other device.

it is NOT for receiving the video signal from anything … in other words it is NOT VGA “IN” port.

So NO it cannot be done in Linux or in Windows … the VGA port is just not capable of doing what you want.


You’d need something like this BNC to USB box:
and even then I doubt if it would work with Linux, as the drivers are bound to be Windows only.

There IS CCTV software for Linux, such as:

but the BNC to USB box, or BNC PCI card would need Linux drivers … so you’d need to do some homework on which DO have Linux drivers before purchase.

Possibly the best solution is to buy a second-hand cheapo monitor with a VGA input, and use it in the absence of a computer entirely.
I’d imagine you could buy a CRT or old LCD for £10 from a car boot sale or Gumtree (providing you could collect, of course)

Though I can’t guarantee this, I somehow doubt that will work either, something tells me the camera output will need some processing … but easy enough to try (if you have a monitor or course).

Thanks mark
It seems i was duped into buying something that was never going to work. The right up claims to convert any old pc or laptop into a security monitor, i didn’t even think to question it.
There is an s video lead in the box, and i’m sure there is an s video port to the rear of an old crt screen i have, i wonder if that might work?
Cheers, john

Thanks Chemicalfan, that is a fair shout, i might just do that

do you still have the write-up address ? … if so, can you post a link.

Due to some low life breaking into my garage i decided it was time to install a cctv camera, which records on to a micro sd card

I’m a bit confused (not difficult I know) but where does the sd card go while recording ?

I’m guessing the CCTV camera has a built in SD slot and records to that.

I'm guessing the CCTV camera has a built in SD slot and records to that.

That’s what I was wondering if so then he can’t record directly on to the netbook but could possibly view in real time by connecting the BNC to a TV/monitor via the VGA converter

Sincere apologies for the very late response, have not managed to get any me time on here for a little while now.
Not sure if this will work but will try post the links;

i have installed the cctv but would love to connect the bnc lead to a monitor just to keep a check on what it is aiming at.
Any further advise would be appreciated.

This might be obvious but the BNC output appears to be a standard component output (BNC instead of RCA) so you could try a BNC Plug to Phono Socket Adapter and just connect it with any AV cable to your TV input.

Yup if you have an RCA video IN socket, that adapter SeZo mentions may work.

The 2 links you provided would ONLY be able to display to a monitor without a PC in line … so no capturing on a PC

But5 have you tried connecting your setup to a monitor directly with the adapter you bought

Camera → BNC to VGA adapter → Monitors VGA port


Thank u very much for your replies,
i have not yet got a stand alone monitor mark, but will look in the store room at work as they may have some kicking around.
worth a try

Thanks seZo
that sounds like a cheap alternative, worth a shot.
i will report back when i have got it to work
thanks all