Using Faststone Image Viewer with Ubuntu 22.04 + Wine

I have used FSIV for many years as an image processing workhorse. It worked well in Linux but in the past year I found it unstable. When selecting an image full screen it first produces horizontal flashing lines and then freezes. I have tried a variety of old FSIV versions and tried various wine subsets but all now have the same issue. Any suggestions?

Hi redboy,

Two suggestions, not sure if they will be what you want, however … if you grab an old copy of Windows, you should be able to load it up in a virtual machine then run your application on Windows. (in a virtual machine, hosted on Linux)
Second suggestion, you might find it will work on “ReactOS” if you don’t have an actual copy of Windows you can use. (again, running in a virtual machine, hosted on Linux)

Alternatively, if you could be a little more specific with regards to your image processing needs, there are many Linux alternatives which might do an as good (or better) job?


Also; just in case you’ve not seen this; might be checking your version of WINE against the version of FSIV you’re using against this;

It looks like FSIV should work, depending on the versions of Wine / FSIV you’re using …

Apologies for the delayed response; I mislaid the link. FSIV works on my Ubuntu laptop; on another Linux Mint laptop and worked for many years on my Ubuntu PC. It’s just that FSIV stopped working on my PC a year or two back for no apparent reason. And yes, I know there are a variety of linux alternatives to FSIV but I continue to believe FSIV is superior to all these alternatives, with the exception of the top flight Apps like Photoshop and it’s Linux competitors