Valuation of L111NUX

Someone just offered to buy my personal number plate @ £150 +Transfer fee, whiccost me more when I brought it a while back.
Would anyone be able to an idea what the number plate (L111NUX) could be worth please?

If you have a look on google there are a few agencies which will give you a quote and even try to sell it for you …

Thanks. That wasn’t the answer I was looking for. As looking a what the LINUX community think its worth.

£0 perhaps? :stuck_out_tongue: Linux is free after all. :wink:

Cheek reply :D. Is that mean Linux professional don’t get pay or Linux s/w house can’t charge for their work?

Oh nonono, Linux professionals get paid a lot more than what Windows professionals do, IIRC. Do under-estimate the power of FOSS, or GNU/Linux.

Many many many worldwide servers and super computers use Linux, for instance, the global stock exchange.

The Icelandic government are in the process of switching to Linux as a trial to support open-source and free software.

Linux controls most of the electrical devices in todays world, like routers, refrigerators, irons, microwaves, heck even some alarm systems use it. :slight_smile:

So a few LINUX geeks do have the cash to splash. How much would u willing to spend on a personal plate?

Hmm … odd request this, you’re calling Linux users “geeks” (granted that’s not necessarily derogatory here), you’re also asking them to help you squeeze as much money as possible out of another Linux user … didn’t you notice the word “community” in the forum title ?

Why not just get to the ‘real’ point of this topic … is anyone here interested in paying more ? … it may save you some time ::slight_smile:

Linux are users aren’t “geeks”, whilst it requires a basic understanding and a slight learning curve, Linux is actually easier than Windows.

Not “all” Linux users get paid, and if you didn’t notice this is a “community” forum. Like I said before, Linux is “free” so for those who are getting paid to manage system like the stock exchange will be VERY lucky.

I am not one of those people, I’m just someone who lends a hand where needed.

No I’m interested in buying the plate, as I don’t have a car to put it on. ???

I must rattled someone’s cage, sorry if I did. As a IT geek of 35+yrs & qualified ICT Teacher the use the term “Geek” are lot more accepted in some techie circles highly respected. Chill guys/chaps :slight_smile:

Sorry if it came across that way, I was just trying to get my point across. I do tend to get quite stirred up in the heat of things.

I’m perfectly fine with the term geek, but some other Linux users may not. I get called a geek sometimes from my friends as I know so much more than they do… It’s just the way I’m perceived I guess.

Also I’d expect that with you being a qualified ICT Teacher, your english would be on point, but that seems to not be the case? :o

No wonder ICT in schools is so bad. (Not a dig at you btw.)