Valve to release their own Linux SteamOS

Valve announce it’s very own Linux "SteamOS, designed for living room gaming PC’s, but they say it’s also to include TV, music. and movies from “many of the media services you know and love”

Rumoured to be based on Ubuntu 12.04, it’s yet another hint that the “Steambox” is coming … indeed they say they’re about to make another 2 announcements soon.

I still don’t really know what ‘Steam’ is. I thought it was a way of playing Windows games on Linux.

You’re thinking of WINE - Steam is a…gaming platform. It has an online game store, manages your library of purchased games (Linux native), and has community features (friend lists, showing online/in-game status).

It’s very popular, and is doing wonders for raising Linux’s gaming profile :smiley:

Thanks chemicalfan.
I knew Wine ran some games. I just thought that Steam was a faster version.