Valve's SteamOS available for download Friday 13th December

Valve’s SteamOS should be available for download later today (Friday 13th December 2013)

You’ll be able to get it here:

Valve say it’s only for “seasoned Linux hackers” and is still a little rough around the edges … people wanting the polished finished item should probably wait till 2014 … but if you want a looksee…

Hmm … still waiting.

Hmm .. still waiting.

So am I, I’m kinda curious :slight_smile:

OK it’s available now, but not at the place they said it would be ::slight_smile:

Interesting bit of info from OMG! Ubuntu:-


As it’s still in Beta, and isn’t an ISO image.

Then you can download either version at these links:-

SteamOS System Restore Image:

SteamOS Debian Installer:

Repository here:

Official system requirements are:

64-bit processor
4GB or more of memory
500GB disk
NVIDIA graphics card (AMD and Intel coming soon)
UEFI boot support

Holy crap did I read that correctly?
This os requires 1tb of disc space.
Surely that’s a typo and should be 1gb.

SGS 2 and Tapatalk are awesome.

As the official spec says 500GB I’m guessing that’s a requirement for the hardware OEM’s for manufacturing a SteamBox … so there’s plenty of room for games … not the requirements for the OS :slight_smile:

I’m not too impressed with this “beta” affair, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. What we’re looking at here, is the OS that will run on a Steambox, not a new Linux distro. It may be heavily based on Linux, but so is Android and DD-WRT (ok, it’s closer to a desktop Linux than those, but my point stands). The required specs are those of a Steambox, not specifically “any old PC”. And it makes sense (except the GPU, but that is due to change according to the presence of the AMD & Intel drivers on the install), as it’s new hardware. Big HDD to store the games, UEFI as it’s modern, RAM & processor are a given (although 64bit is welcome, as it suggests games will be pushed towards native x64).

Anyway, only thing I’m disappointed about is the lack of VM support - makes testing the OS a nightmare, as you actually need Steambox hardware (or a PC that happens to match the spec) to test it. It wouldn’t have been that much of a stretch to include the required Virtualbox/VMWare/etc drivers in the build

Apparently it CAN be tested in a VirtualBox VM…
(but obviously don’t expect to be gaming on it)

Instructions here:

Of course, it’s only been a couple of days since release, and I never heard anything back from people attempting a VM install. Can’t view that at work; will check it out tonight at home.