Video editing software

Anybody have advice on best video editing software?

I have tons of different formats that I would like to edit (splice) and form into one long film. Most of these have been taken on digicams with different formats.

Toshiba Equium 2bg Ubuntu 10.10

( I do have PiTiVi onstalled)

Sorry, I can’t really say which is “best”, but I can point you at a few including how to install…

Openshot ← Link to Homepage

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jonoomph/openshot-edge
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openshot openshot-doc

Kdenlive ← Link to Homepage

sudo apt-get install kdenlive

Cinelerra ← Link to Homepage

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cinelerra-ppa/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cinelerra

LiVES ← Link to Homepage

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hrickards/lives
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install lives

Avidemux ← Link to Homepage

sudo apt-get install avidemux

Open Movie Editor ← Link to Homepage

sudo apt-get install openmovieeditor

Kino ← Link to Homepage

sudo apt-get install kino

PiTiVi ← Link to Homepage

sudo apt-get install pitivi

Maybe someone else with Linux video editing experience can help here ??

Wow, plenty to go on there!

Thanks very much.


Toonman - I’m actually quite curious which of these is better. I do alot of video editing on Windows, but I hate having to keep changing back and forth between OS’s. Which would you say is best?

Hi BkS

I’m still in testing mode at the moment (lack of time).

I am currently trying PiTiV. I will keep you posted. I should have more time by the weekend. :slight_smile:

Sweet, thanks!

I’ve tried PiTiVi Video Editor, reminds me of Windows Movie Maker, just not for me. I’m looking for something that’s comparable / similar to Sony Vegas (Windows) / Final Cut Pro (Mac)

I doubt if someone else can tell you what’s “best”… “best” is subjective, and will be different for different people, so you’ll have to do your homework to find which “best” fits your needs/work style.

The good news… they are all free, so unlike Windows you’re not stuck with what you bought… why not take them ALL for a test spin, you can always remove what doesn’t suit your needs :wink:

I’ve settled on PiTiVi. So easy to use, no known problems and enough options for my needs. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried a few editors over the last few weeks… and I’ve got to say I’ve not been too impressed with any.

First I tried PiTiVi, which worked okay but it didn’t really do what I needed.

Then I tried Openshot which was nice to use, but video playback awful when played alongside an audio track. I tried all sorts of support ‘fixes’ --installing / deleting various files and packages, changing formats and settings, and reinstalling completely. Nothing solved the problem.

Next I tried kdenlive. This one just didn’t work – choppy playback, transitions worked sometimes and then not others, some window didn’t display properly (missing buttons etc.). Again I tried various fixes but nothing worked.

I now have LiVE installed. I like the funky look, but video and even single image files takes a long time to import…and again the playback is choppy. I haven’t investigated the problem yet; to be honest I’m not sure I can be bothered. I’m now thinking the problem is in the general system rather than any particular package.

Just my 2 pence worth…

That sounds more like a memory issue, more than anything else. Maybe the packages are leaking memory or something? Who knows. Once I get net back, I’ll try all of them, and see what’s what.

That’s what I assumed. I decided to take another look at this issue as it seems to be the most likely permanent fix. I’ve now reinstalled Openshot to test as advised.

The video plays okay with the ffplay command and it plays okay with the melt command… beyond that I can’t find ant other suggestions.

In hindsight it would have been quicker to to make my blockbusting epic by stop motion animation ::slight_smile: