Video file won't save to my Maxtor

Guys I downloaded a video from a website to this Peppermint 3 laptop, but it won’t save to my Maxtor portable HD- trying to save most things onto the Maxtor as it has loads of room. Please see my attachment which shows what comes up when I tried to save it.

Take the comma out of the file name, and change the “:” colon to a “-” hyphen.

I take it the Maxtor is formatted with a Windows file system … and in Windows, those are illegal characters for file names.
(though they’re OK in Linux)

Nope not Windows… the Maxtor was done on my bro’s Mac and you formatted it with a partition with me for Linux a few weeks ago. OK changed file name, now it likes it, cheers Mark.

Change its name BEFORE you copy it to the maxtor

Yes just realised that!