Virtual DJ for LinuxnMint 19.1

Hello all, I am trying to find and download Virtual Dj for linux but cannot find it or similar. Basically, I am looking for a DJ application like Serato Dj, Virtual Dj or CrossDJ. I know that the above names might not be available on linux but I am trying to find alternatives. Could any one please suggest some and where to download them from?
Appreciating your response in advance

How about Mixxx and/or TerminatorX

They’re in the default repos … to install just run:

sudo apt-get install mixxx


sudo apt-get install terminatorx




There is also BpmDJ
but that requires Java, and isn’t in the default repos.

Or depending on what you’re trying to do, maybe just audacity would do

which is also in the repos

sudo apt-get install audacity

Mark Greaves, You are a star. Thank you very much. I have been able to install both and can see them in my Linux Mint 19.1 (Cinnamon) system.

You’re most welcome :slight_smile:

Mixxx seems to have a great user manual linked at the top of their homepage
which can also be downloaded as a pdf
and a support forum

Not bad for free eh! :slight_smile: