Want to learn

Good afternoon,

I am keen for a career change and want to start learning more about Linux and Ubuntu and how these things all work from the ground up.
I’m a basic user but probably more advanced than your average Joe with a little terminal use, running home network etc ec - nothing to set the IT world alight.
I’m putting myself through Google Partners Analytics Academy and slowly tinkering with app development on Android. In my day job I’m a senior manager of charities and teams/projects and have recently been managing social media for one charity. I manage my own Joomla website and have basic experience of web management tools/interfaces.

Question really is, what should I learn first and how to plan a way in and where can I find some resources to help? Online I presume?
I’m in the South East of England if it helps.

Thanks in advance.


If it’s “Linux” itself, a good place to start is “Linux for Dummies” or “Ubuntu Linux for Dummies”, ignore the titles, these are really good books if you want to learn from scratch. Best approach, try each example on a Linux machine as you go through the book …

Mad Penguin, we must stop meeting like this.

Again, thanks. Hadn’t thought of them. Yes, I want to learn Linux from the bottom up and to be able to command the terminal and program and everything.

Whilst I’ve got you, I’ve recently switched Linux OS and re-installed Rhythmbox but it’s picking up the old music library (on the networked Seagate hard drive). Obviously it can’t find it but won’t let me remove the library location or add a new one. The new library is on the seagate but with a new IP address. Any ideas?