Watching TV on your Tablet?

Some nice person gave me a tablet running Android 4.03 and I thought now I can watch catch up TV because my smart phone can not run flash.

But now it seems that BBC iPlayer can only be used with BBC media player and whilst iplayer installs fine. I am told my device is not compatible with the latest version of BBC media player.

Anyone else have the same issues?

The tablet is a 7" Novotech PWS700EJ

According to this:

it’s may be the browser you’re using … try another, such as:-






Interesting I will try out boat and see what happens…

Down loaded boat and made it the default browser. This has not resolved the issue… The BBC iPlayer App installs and works fine. when I select play I am told to install BBC media player click on the link and I am then told that my device is not compatible with this version of media player…

This dose not make sense if I can install the iPlayer I should be able to install the media player…

Is this where you’re trying to install it the BBC media player from:


Yes that’s the place…

Can’t you just use the BBC website to watch their programming without installing iPlayer ?

Just went the bbc website and watched the iplayer programs. No problem. Then installed iayer via the play store. Played no problem.
Samsung galaxy note 2.
It is possible you may need flash installed, I am not sure. If you do you will have load it via an .apk download. Google it.

However. I might save you some
time and tell you that the andriod version of iplayer is shocking. Very low res and lots of problems. It gets rightly slated by reviewers.

Hi All, the problem is nothing to do with flash it is to do with AIR the problem may soon impact on main stream Linux computers as well. Seems that they have stopped supporting flash on Android and Linux for that matter.

So BBC and ITV have switched to something called AIR on Android.

My smart phone could not run flash so I was looking forward to using the tablet for example TVcatchup works fine they are still using flash.

So the issue is comparability wit AIR…

have you downloaded Adobe AIR
Ive never worked out what it does but it works in background.

I’ve used Boat browser as my main browser for a while and seems the best on android by a mile, supports flash.

I player an my galaxy note 1 is awfull and very rarely use it.

Sky go is excellant btw.

It seems that Air is presently not compatible with Ice-cream Sandwich.

Because that would make a whipped cream sandwich ? :wink:

Or possibly because if you added chocolate that would be too close to an “Aero” … then Microsoft would sue.

Try using apps that are compatible to you device. I read many suggestions here in this thread but the thing is which one is compatible with your device. If you are trying to using the app by force it might damage your device. So better be aware of it.

I will definitely experience this, amazing stuff