Watson the IBM supercomputer beats 2 men at Jeapordy

Watson runs on SUSE Linux Enterprise server 11!

Well named machine indeed :wink:

Don W

LOL :slight_smile:

I hope Watson doesn’t become like Hal in 2001 lol

I don’t think so. I’m a big softie really with very limited technical knowledge. I’m really worked by Mark pulling my strings. :wink:

LOL (again) :))

I’d rather Watson could do my cleaning. They’ve been promising us tech would be doing our cleaning for us for years, but still not happened lol.

And it’s our own fault … if we hadn’t shown ourselves so willing to spend the same amount (or more) money on daft devices that basically allow you to look at cat pics whilst out and about, and held out for the promised cleaning tech…

I mean why would they do something hard like invent new cleaning tech, when they’re making a very nice living out of combining old techs and ‘calling’ it new ?

And now rather than do something actually useful they’re planning a new ‘revolution’ to con you out of holding out for the cleaning tech and part with your money, like a kettle you can tell to turn on via an app (but only if you’ve pre-filled it because they’re too damn lazy to invent one that fills itself … oh, and surely turning on a heating element whilst not there to monitor it is just asking for trouble, and they’re all gonna get banned anyway after the first fire).
(not to mention the local criminal will use it to figure out when you’re out, or someone will hack your smartshower and scold you to death … god help us)

I’m not a cynic really … honestly … oh, go on then, yes I am.