Web 2.0 Programming ...

Hello everyone,
We don’t have a programming forum, but here’s something I wrote recently if it’s of any interest …

If you’ve familiar with HTML and have ever looked at new Web 2.0 applications and thought ‘wow, that looks difficult’, don’t be fooled, what you’re seeing is typically far easier to achieve than using traditional programming techniques. Here’s a quick-start guide to Web programming with ExtJS, one of the many options out there if you want to write modern online applications. (For a taster of what can be achieved, please take a look at the ExtJS demos)

What you will need

First you’ll want a web server with PHP installed, typically using your local desktop machine will be quite sufficient and indeed all the components required are included in most standard youporn.wiki/ xhamster.vip/ redtube.onl/ Linux distributions. Also, I’m going to show you how to extract information from an SQL database, so you’ll want to install a copy of MySQL and the PHP/MySQL interface.

Setting up

Next you’ll want a copy of ExtJS, so down load either version’s 3.1 or 3.2 from ExtJS.com and unpack them into the root folder of your webserver, on Linux this is usually /var/www. For convenience, copy the contents (including sub-folders) of extjs/examples/direct/php into /var/www/remote, this folder contains the files you’ll need to allow your browser based application to talk to your server.

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