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I downloaded Firefox version 3 onto my Asus EEEPc last week with help from this site, This was to enable me to use the updated Hotmail. This has crashed twice and the “shutdown” procedure is very slow now. Is there an alternative Browser I can use, Google Chrome for example? How would I go about installing it onto my laptop?

Try this;

Are you using Xandros?

I believe you should just be able to run from a terminal window:

sudo apt-get install google-chrome

I’ve read that the Google Chrome browser isn’t easy to install on an eeePC, apparently if you try to install the .deb it complains that dpkg is too old… it also states on the Chrome/Chromium website:

Although it must be said they are wrong to include “Mint” in this statement :slight_smile:

So if you have any problems, you could try the Opera 10.60 web browser… there is a version specifically for the EeePC here:

In the “Select distribution and vendor” drop down menu, select “Xandros Eee PC Edition”, the package format should change to “Debian Package”… click “Download Opera”.

Once downloaded, place the opera_10.60.6386_i386.deb file in your “home” directory, open a terminal (by hitting Ctrl+Alt+T) and type:

cd ~
sudo dpkg -i opera_10.60.6386_i386.deb

hitting “enter” after each line.

I tried to download the Opera web browser and got as far as the “Select distribution and Vendor”, selected "Xandros EeePC. It then shows “Package Format” and has 2 options; tar.bz2 or tar.gz. The next box is “Download Location” and is sitting on; IE-HEAnet HTTP but as lots of options in the dropdown.
Sorry but I am not a computer whiz so didn’t know what to select.

Select distribution and vendor = Xandros Eee PC Edition

Choose package format = Debian Package

Download location = ANY (so stick with IE-HEAnet HTTP)

all “you” have to do is select Xandros Eee PC Edition… the other fields will change automatically.

Sorry but I don’t get the option to choose Debian. In “Select distribution and Vendor” I select “Xandros - EeePC Edition”. In the “Choose Package” box the only choice I have is “default package”, “tar.bz2” or “tar.gz”. Should I just leave the selection as “default package”?

When you Change the Select distribution and vendor to Xandros Eee PC Edition
the Choose package format “SHOULD” already say Debian Package… don’t change it.

Sorry but it does not, after selecting the “Xandros - EeePC Edition” the "Choose package format says “default package”.

Ok, if you’ve already downloaded the file, but can’t find where it’s saved… open a terminal and send me the output from:

sudo find / -name 'opera_10.60.6386_i386.deb'

I have downloaded Opera 10.6 but have used PC LINUX OS instead of Xandros EEE PC edition and this has downlaoded into desktop. Not gone any further at this point as things to do but will follow your instructions for installing tomorrow and see if I have any success. Thanks a lot for your help and will let you know how I go on.

it’s also available from here:

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