Webrowsing on Chrome issue (Solved)

When i open Chrome the chrome window itself opens to full screen size but when i open a webpage it seems to be a4 size and centred , the Text is small
also as if it is set to default

Any thoughrs please

mint 15 64bit

In any of the following web browsers … Chrome/Chromium/Firefox …

Hit Ctrl+“+” … to enlarge text

Hit Ctrl+“-” … to shrink text

You can also hit Ctrl, and whilst holding it, use the mouse scroll wheel to shrink/enlarge text

wow thanks ;D

Can i ask a simple Question

Is there a Better Rep to mut my music on rather than Bansee it just keeps freezing and as far as im aware there isnt a Fix for it

Rep to mut my music on

??? ← That’s me looking confused :wink:

If you mean is there a better music player than Banshee … YES … Clementine

Which distro/version are you running again ?

mint 15 deb version

Check if it’s in the default repos then.

It should be in the Mint 15 normal edition … not sure about the Debian Edition.

I think there might be some confusion here.
Mint 15 is based on Ubuntu.
LMDE (Linux Mint Debian) is version-less. The nearest to versioning is the update packs (latest being 6)

found it thanks