Wget: last modiffied header missing --time-stamps turned off


im mirroring an website with wget command. It is using -N parameter for mirroring purpose and this one includes doing timestamps for files.

But i see now that wget saying this for each downloaded file:

Last-modiffied header missing – time-stamps turned off.

Please what is the cause, it is correct so when i will need to do sync using same command it wont need complete redownload and only DL files with different timestamp? How to fix? thx

As far as I know (and I could be totally wrong), this is caused by missing server side includes in apache:

it’s nothing to do with the time stamp of the file itself … more a missing Last-modified header in the html document.

Wouldn’t it be easier/better to backup the site via ssh ? … I’m not sure wget is a good way to attempt to backup a website.

I definitely get the same errors with:

wget --mirror -N --convert-links http://www.pcnetspec.co.uk -o wget-log.txt

but then it’s copying a website, not a directory … if you get my meaning.