What are your 'must have applications/software'?

I searched this sub and I saw a post that was about a year and figured maybe it is appropriate to get a more current consensus on the topic.

Used Linux way back when. Was my main OS for a period of time. Then I switched back to Windows. However, I’ve recently began using Linux again as my daily driver OS. free netflix tech news android 9

What do you consider must have applications? Aside from the apps that come w/ the distro I use, I’ve installed Anacona, VS Code, Atom, and Sublime on my box software.

What software do you download/install immediately after setting up your workstation?

Hello Bryson - and welcome to the Forum.

Everyone has their own particular favourite applications and you appear to be heavily into text editing.

Over the years I have accumulated quite a variety of useful applications:
Nero - like the original Nautilus file manager but better now that Nautilus has been “improved”.
ImageMagick - for every conceivable image manipulation via the command line.
Pinta - a simple but powerful GUI image editor.
Audacity - for sound recording & manipulation.
Pulse Audio - for managing sources of audio.
VLC - media player.
Gparted - partition manager.
HPLIP - HP printer manager, for HP users.
For general text/spreadsheets I find the built-in LibreOffice is perfectly adequate.

To some extent ones choice may be limited by Linux version. What do you use?


PCLinuxOS comes with a good bundle of stuff, but I add
PaleMoon browser
OpenOffice — LibreOffice Writer doesn’t work well with a portrait-mode monitor. How stupid is that?
Pysol — my only game!
Wine — for just two programs: Morinus astrology and a QL emulator to run some old custom software
clearlooks-phoenix theme — I can’t stand the “modern” ones, dark and gloomy with skinny sliders!

This might be a daft question, but…is your monitor set permanently (physically) in portrait mode? Or is it rotatable?
The reason I ask is that one can rotate the stuff displayed on screen to match ones screen orientation.


No, it is rotatable and obviously I can alter the display. But the whole point of portrait mode is for word-processing, so a word-processor which is a pain to use in that mode (and which seems to have been designed for wide-screen) strikes me as stupid. A lot of today’s design seems to divorced from practicality, like the theme with ultra-narrow sliders that I mentioned. Luckily, with Linux there’s always a choice — long live Apache Open Office!

Deadbeef - simple nice audio player and this yad Internet Radio app Yradio

Because I’m old school, the first addition to my PeppermintOS install is always Seamonkey, current latest release 2.53.2 beta 1


Yep long time user of the Monkey here too.

Conky and Conky Manager are some of the first few apps that I install, other than apps that have already been mentioned here.

Also Dropbox for cloud storage and gPodder as a podcatcher. Am I the only person here who listens to podcasts?