What extension pack for Virtualbox (SOLVED)

Hi guys

I’m trying to get WinXP running in a VM I have virtualbox and guest additions v 4.3.10-1 but I need the extension pack for USB support, I went on the Oracle website and downloaded various extension pack .debs including ubuntu-precise 64bit, ubuntu-Trusty 64bit, ubuntu Trusty 32bit, but every one I tried to install fails with an error about a conflict with the guest additions version I’m running, as far as I can see there is only 2 guest additions iso’s in synaptic and the one I have is the only one that will install the other fails with some other error

the Oracle website offers 4 extension packs depending on what version of VB I’m running v4.0.34, v4.1.42, v4.2.34 & v4.3.32, the version I’ve installed from the repos is v4.3.10 I’ve tried all 4 extension packs and they all fail with the same conflict/mismatch error

Many thanks


Just to update on searching through the Virtualbox site I found under “old versions” an extension pack for v4.3.10 which exactly matched my VB version and it installed ok, however when I rebooted XP a message box showed up saying it found new hardware which was the USB controller and the Enhanced USB controller but it still wont detect any USB devices in the VM, I’ve tried various flash drives and some other devices but nothing is detected, I’ve enabled USB and EHCI USB2 support in the VM settings but it’s not detecting anything,

Any ideas ?


After installing the correct extensions pack the problem was finally solved by adding the user to vboxusers

sudo adduser YOURUSERNAME vboxusers