What is AHCI ?

Hi guys

I’ve been having various problems installing Openmediavault on my NAS and I posted a help request on the OMV site


and was given this reply

When you tried the newest .5 iso did you disable your serial port in the bios of your motherboard??? Also, make sure you use AHCI for your hard disks.

could you tell me what this means, I think disabling the serial port will be somewhere in the bios settings but I have no idea what AHCI is or how I use it.

I know I should ask this in the OMV forums but I feel that forum assumes a higher degree of knowledge than I have

Many thanks


AHCI will also be in the BIOS

Thank you Mark

As it turned out I didn’t see ACHI mentioned anyplace in the bios but disabling the serial ports did the trick

Many Thanks


You won’t see ACHI in the BIOS because ACHI is a sneeze :wink:

AHCI on the other hand may or may not be in the BIOS, only applies to SATA.

You won't see ACHI in the BIOS because ACHI is a sneeze ;) ..

That was a deliberate typo I put in there as a test, so well done for spotting it

but keep alert because I might just throw in a few others here and there just to see if you’re paying attention ??? ;D