what linuxos could i run on an old mac mini

hi just joined and would like some advice please ,I would like to run linux on my old mac mini 1.24ghz igb ram. I run linux mint maya on one pc ,unbuntu on a second pc, yellow dog on a g5, leopard on the other g5, so would like to keep with linux for odvious reasons .but must admit to running vista on another pc as need this for my software.the macs run linux very well

Hi merlin1, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What advice are you after ? … you obviously know how to install Linux, so I’m a bit baffled by what you’re asking ???

my other pc,s are more powerful than the mini and i am not sure if it would run a linux os i wanted to know if there is a os that does not need a to higher spec pc to run it
would yellow dog be ok


IGNORE THIS POSTING (after the edit) … The Mac Mini 1.24/1.25 uses a G4 PPC (PowerPC) CPU, so PeppermintOS won’t work … you could however try the PPC version of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Lubuntu:
My personal choice would be Lubuntu, as that uses the same LXDE desktop environment as PeppermintOS

If your Mac Mini has only 256BM RAM … you might want to add some more though … PeppermintOS Two was happy enough in 512MB, so I’d expect Lubuntu to be similar.

And from a quick “Google”, yes Yellow Dog does a PPC version too that supports the Mac Mini G4’s … see here:


I have no personal experience of Yellow Dog, as I’m no fan of RPM’s … if it were uup to me, I’d give consideration to PeppermintOS which is based on Ubuntu but uses the MUCH lighter LXDE desktop environment.

PeppermintOS Two is based on Ubuntu 11.04 … and there’s a (kind of) Tutorial here for 11.04 which should work for PeppermintOS Two:

Problem is, that PeppermintOS Three is due out on the 23rd of this month, and will be based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS … I’d expect the installation to be the same … but it may be worth waiting as there’s no “upgrade” option between the two … as Peppermint Three will be based on the Ubuntu 12.04 Long Term Support release, it will also benefit from the full 5 year support.

Peppermint is (by default) a “Cloud” type distro, but it has FULL access to the Ubuntu software repos and PPA’s … so you can easily install whatever software you like.

It’s “similar” to the Linux Mint LXDE release (I think it shares some of the developers), but with a “cloud” slant by default … but has been the most stable and useable of the light weight distros I’ve ever tried :slight_smile:

Peppermint Two was rock solid, uber quick, resource friendly, and had access to ALL the Ubuntu software … I’d recommend it to anyone … and I’d expect (hope) Peppermint Three will be more of the same :wink:

Just a thought :slight_smile:

thank you i will give it ago

See above for more info … for some reason my last posting got cut short.

I sold the mac mini .could i install peppermint3 on my spare powermac G5?.I wiped off vista and am now running mint maya 13 absolutely fantastic! have installed fedora17 on another old pc that works a treat .with unbuntu on the other so dont need windows any more. i bought to exellent linux how to books to help me along. my other mac still with leopard

Nope, the poermac G5 uses an IBM PPC CPU and Peppermint don’t do a PPC (PowerPC) version … I think the closest you’ll get to Pepperrmint Three is the Lubuntu 12.04 PPC version:
or direct download link:

There’s not “that much” difference between Peppermint and Lubuntu (Peppermint Three is based on Lubuntu 12.04)… just the choice of pre-installed packages, and general configuration … so I suppose it could be Peppermint-ified if you wished.