What Spec

OK, I’m now sold on Linux, specifically Ubuntu, but I still get compatability problems even though my PC is only about 12 months old, presumably because it was built as a Windows machine.

I’m now thinking of biting the bullet and having a PC built to spec. Now the $64M question; what does it need to have inside the box?

It’s for home use. I use it for documents (Open Office is fine), photo storage and editing (I use Photoshop Elements & Picasa on Windows, but Gimp?), Itunes and some games - WoW although I’m sick of that now, but Linux games such as Regnum. I also use it for amateur radio work, but FLdigi is fine for what I need there.

So, without going for something that would run the Starship Enterprise, what sort of spec would be recommended? I have someone who will build it for me because I’m not safe with a screwdriver*, but what I suppose I’m asking for is a list of parts as much as anything.

Any help gratefully received.

*I have two things in my toolbox - duct tape & WD40. If it moves when it shouldn’t I use the duct tape …

still get compatability problems even though my PC

Ok, firstly this is surprising, secondly it’s only every going to be minor components that cause a problem and simply replacing them will generally be far cheaper that building a new machine. If you can specify what your compatibility problems are, we might be able to help?

With regards to components, I’ve been looking at trying to put together a spec for a “linux.co.uk” PC, together with a broadband account, broadband router, designed to be pre-installed with Ubuntu (obviously) and available with telephone support. If it helps the list of components comes in at a little under £200 and includes an Athlon II X2 slot AM3 chip + Gigabyte motherboard, 2G Corsair RAM, 500Gb Segate HDD, DVD, Case/PSU, Logitec keyboard/Mouse/Speakers.

To be honest there are ‘some’ chips to avoid, but mostly standard kit will work. It’s all a bit of a toss-up between cost / performance / expansion capacity, which can be very subjective … like whether it’s worth paying slightly more for 2x1Gb chips and taking advantage of dual-porting, or whether to go for 1x2Gb and leave room for expansion. There may be some issues with regards to how ‘hard’ it is to get some things going properly (like accelerated graphics) , but this is all part of the fun of building your own machine … :slight_smile: