What to do with 50+ O'Reilly books?

This is a slightly unusual problem!

I have more than 50 O’Reilly books covering most aspects of linux. I haven’t tried to value them but I think they cost well over a thousand pounds to buy over the years.

I’m of an age where I’m trying to reduce possessions and I no longer need these books. It seems a pity just to throw them away, I don’t want to sell them and they’re probably too specialised for charity shops, so I’m looking for suggestions. I’m in Bedford and it’s not really feasible to post them anywhere. Is there any group or library that might appreciate them and make some use of them?

Or should I just accept that books are past their time and put them all in the recycling?

Any bright ideas welcome!


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Thanks, Mike.

Hi, sorry for the delay Mike, been wrapped up with migrating to the new forums and it looks like some of the notifications emails on the old system were going astray. I does sound like it would be a shame to throw them out, I guess to an extent it depends on ‘which’ books they are. Some age well, some tend to be out of date within a couple of years. (not sure how useful their Python2 book is now …)

The last time I disposed of a bunch of Books was a couple of years ago, I had a bunch of original Kylix manuals and some other Delphi stuff. I ended up putting them on Ebay, didn’t make much off them, but they went to someone who wanted them and it covered the postage and a beer. (I think you can send moderate box full via Hermes for about £6/£7)

Otherwise, I guess you could always try a local school (?) or maybe even post the titles here and see if anyone is interested for the price of postage. I just has a royal mail ad through the door this week, they seem to be offering a relatively cheap parcel service now where you order and pay for postage online, then they postie collects it from you at no extra charge.

Other than that, they’d make a great back-drop for video calls … :wink:

Hi Mike.

You might try the main public library in your area. Ours in Barnsley is always keen to accept donations in good condition.


Thanks for the replies. The books include all the classics, such as “DNS and BIND” and “Sendmail”. It’s a bit tedious to make a list but I’ve attached a photo. They’re all available except for the four books on the left of the bottom shelf.

I’m not too keen on putting them on eBay or even posting them because of the admin and having to buy mailers but I’m happy to deliver them within a reasonable distance of Bedford.

I’ve already asked my local library but the books are too specialised to be of interest to them.

I suspect I’ll end up scrapping them but it does seem a waste.

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If you don’t want the hassle of posting, then it looks like you’ll have to advertise locally, or on Gumtree / Preloved or similar websites as they have geographic functions for people searching for stuff.

Ok, so I might start by burning the sendmail book ( :wink: ) but that aside there are some very good and still relevant books in there, I might highlight the Stevens in particular. (I have one of his on my shelf here) My next suggestion would be a local computer group, now I’ve no idea if these are current as the information is quite old, but;

Milton Keynes:




Depends on how much effort you wish to expend :slight_smile: , or you could see if anyone here is interested, might take a little while for the traffic to pick up following the move. I think the old software crippled usage a bit, but I have hopes this new Discourse software will make a difference.

I’ll have you know I’ve spent many happy hours (well, hundreds actually) wrangling sendmail.cf.
exim and postfix don’t pose the same challenge somehow.

Only hundreds! I’m seriously impressed! :wink:

I used to run the mail service for an ISP back in the 90’s in the days before Postfix and Exim. So of course, I had to use sendmail. Few thousand domains, few thousand mailboxes, all on a Pentium V … with sendmail … what could possibly go wrong?! :imp: