What's the BEST email anti-spam filter software for Linux Servers?

I am currently using MagicSpam but I’m wondering what everyone else is using?

Well, we’re using SpamAssassin here …

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This dudes IP comes back as registered to:-
Wizard Tower Technoservices Ltd

Who actually own the MagicSpam trademark.

So oddly, this should be considered spam in its own right.

Mmm, sadly with a name like “MagicSpam” I feel the effort may have been wasted … :wink:

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Just seems a bit “off” to me … a so called anti-spam company that thinks it OK to sneakily build their SEO ranking and brand awareness by effectively spamming forums >:(

Makes you wonder how “anti” spam they really are doesn’t it ?


I considered taking the posting down and banning him … but I’ve decided “name and shame” is probably a better course of action :slight_smile: