What's the default login details for Enlisy live ?

I’ve searched all over Enlisy.com after downloading the 07.1 Live CD and running it in Virtual Box because it didn’t include the default login details to try it out. I’ve tried everything from root and toor but that didn’t work…

So if anyone knows the default login details for Enlisy I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks :smiley:

Hello, I am one of the developers (and founder) of enlisy - I hope you like the very outdated livecd :slight_smile:
The login details are:

user: root
password: root

They can be seen in the lower right corner at the loginscreen as well.

I want to make a new livecd and a installable version this year.
But hopefully its possible right now because I’m finished with my exam at the university.

Have a great day - and thanks for trying Enlisy!

// Noxxik

Thanks for that Noxxik … nice to hear it “straight from the horses mouth”, as it were :slight_smile:
(I’ve never really understood that saying ??? )

Anyway … good luck with the new versions, and please let us know when they’re ready … I’d love to take it for a spin.