Where do I find GEDIT? [SOLVED]

I am using Mint 17.3 Rosa and want to use GEDIT. I have checked in the Software Manager and it says that it is installed but where do I find it? I have searched in all the likely places but I cant get it - nowhere to be found! Any ideas, please?

Hi ahead,
I go to ‘Menu’ > ‘Accessories’ > ‘Text Editor’ and voila’ there it is.

take care
Don W
BTW I use Peppermint 6

Or, open a Terminal and input: gedit

To find the path to the executable use the command: which gedit

I’m not sure 100% sure Mint uses gedit as its default text editor any more, they may have changed to pluma or xedit … you should be able to find out what text editor they’re using by default by looking for “Text Editor” in your menus, then clicking “Help > About”

If when you run:


in a terminal it doesn’t open … install it with:

sudo apt-get install gedit

Thank you, all sorted now with your help!