Which Book ?


I am currently running Ubuntu 12.10 this was installed about 10 days back, I would like to understand the command line and have been reading through bit on the net.

Having looked aroubd there are simply too many choices for books, anyone got any recomendations, I would like to learn:

Possibilities of setting up FTP servers via linux
Media server options (currently have a Raspberry Pi)

Thanks for any help.

Hi ronaldbiggs, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

There are some links to some online books here:
though they may be a little outdated by now they’ll still relevant as far as commands go.

I found the CompTIA Linux+ study guide fairly useful … but I can’t guarantee it’ll be for everyone:
(They are only taking pre-orders ATM so I guess it must be for the 2013 edition)

That said … there’s plenty of online documentation and if I were learning from scratch again I’d probably not bother with books.


Thanks Mark,

Thanks for the suggestions on the info, I have a duplex laser printer so will be printing a bit off each week (this way I can add notes to the pages)

I have used the comptia bits before with Windows OS so I will also give that a go, as you mentioned there also appears to be loads online, its just trying to find the correct level to start at.

The forum looks excellent, there may well be a few question fired to the members :wink:

That’s what the forum’s here for … when you’re ready fire away :slight_smile: