Which Linux? (REDUNDANT)

kHi again All,

I have recently installed, and sorted Linux Mint 13, Cinnamon version.

It is absolutely essential that I am able to use my MS based CAD applications. WINE only seems to give access to the most basic Windows Apps, such as “Notepad”, so I thought that VirtualBox might be the answer.

When I visited the VirtualBox website, however, I found that, although my WinXP64 is supported, none of the ‘Mint’ variants of Linux are listed. The later ‘Ubuntu’ and ‘Debian’ variants all, it says, “work with additions”. ‘Red Hat Linux 9’ and Mandrake 9.2’ are reported by users to “work without additions”, but this is not verified by Oracle, whilst ‘Mandriva 2008’ has ‘VirtualBox 1.5’ installed by default.

All very confusing. :-\

Has anybody any recommendations, preferably based on first hand experience, of which Linux variant might be the best to use, bearing in mind my need to have access to CAD software written for Windows. I know I could use the dual boot system and switch from one to the other, but I would really rather not.

I know I have a sorted ‘Mint’ but, after all the good advice I have had, all stored and hard-copied, so am not bothered about the idea of wiping that hard drive and installing a different variant. It’s only time, after all :wink:

I guess that most Linux users will have their own favourite, but it will be great to hear from someone who has used more than one, with ‘VirtualBox’ or a similar application, and has a preference, and their reasons for that preference.


Tony N

Mint 13 Cinnamon is based on Ubuntu 12.04 … so follow the instructions for Ubuntu :wink: … they’ll work perfectly for Mint 13 Cinnamon too.

If you’re unsure about how to install Virtualbox … just ask.

It might also help if you mention which CAD application(s) you use in Windows.

WINE can do MUCH more than simple things like “notepad”, but can sometimes be a PITA to get some applications to work with …
AutoCAD R14 is listed as “Gold” in the WINE AppDB … see here:

So as you can see WINE is capable of more than just notepad :wink:

Yes wine can do much more I run the same version of mint in both 64bit and 32 bit versions and use Wine to run Office 2007 with no problems. As said above check out the Wine site to see if your programs work.

Even if not listed you can still try installing the programs to see if they work.