which OS are beter??

I know this is Linux forum, but Frankly …
Which OS are better in Performance
Mac, win or Linux?

Define “Performance”.


Speed at doing what ? … which version of Linux/Windows/OS X ? … you’re asking a very general question that can’t be answered in anything more than a very general sense.

Windows will be speedier at catching a virus, OS X will be speedier at emptying your wallet, Linux will be speedier at driving you up the wall if you don’t want to learn new ways of doing things :))

Windows 95 may be faster than modern versions of OS X/Linux, but not faster than Linux distros from the same era…

Linux without a GUI desktop environment is gonna kick the pants off full desktop OS X and Windows … but aint gonna be much use to you unless you understand the command line

Linux with heavy desktop environments may not appear much faster than say Win7, but with lighter DE’s will…

Then there’s specialised Linux distros that are running say your router or smart TV or possible even your car stereo or fridge … how do we compare those to Windows ?

Windows may be fastest at say reading/writing NTFS formatted partition, OS X may be fastest at reading/writing HFS+ partitions, Linux will probably be fastest at reading/writing EXT4 partitions…

So as you can see unless you qualify the question it’s impossible to answer in anything but a very “general” sense.

Hello Mark:
I bought new and powerful laptop ( Asus Rog 552 with 6700hq, 8Gram and 7200 HDD) to get things got faster , I installed Win 10 , and Peppermint 7 .
Win 10 is good in many things (software installation ) and good to drive the laptop but its not very fast, I read a lot of "How to increase win performance " but things got worst.
Peppermint is some how faster than win10 but not as expected , for sure I don’t know much about Linux…
I need to run Matlab , Programming IDEs …
so how to run apps faster?


when you say “run apps faster”, do you mean load times ?

By far the biggest (easy) change you can make to your system to make it load stuff quicker is to replace your HDD with an SSD